IMH Technologies Ltd

IMH Technologies Ltd is the exclusive UK and Eire distributor for the Dranetz range of power quality monitors, Powerside (formerly Power Standards Lab) range of power monitors and Dent Instruments energy loggers. In addition, IMH represents the interests of Electrotek who are a specialist power quality analysis software company.

Formed in 1993, IMH Technologies Ltd applies nearly 30 years of experience, to offer an independent power quality consultancy service that has benefited major utilities and customers throughout the United Kingdom and offshore.

IMH offers a full repair and calibration service for our major products and is the European Service Centre for Dranetz portable instruments. Calibration to National Standards is performed at competitive prices. We are also experts in configuring our instruments with the latest 4G routers - that access the strongest mobile data signal for a given location - to give full remote control of our power monitors.

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Partnered with Powerside

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The World's best power quality recorder

Real-time analysis of voltage and current connections with daily, weekly and monthly trends

remote monitoring via smartphone, tablet and desktop - on the web without additional software

Detailed reports with self-selectable content, eg EN 50160

Intuitive installation and operation of power analyzers


PQube3 - the power meter for Transport Applications

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  • Specially configurable power meter for railway applications, tram and metro work

  • Modbus Registers give real-time access to measured parameters to integrate with SCADA systems

  • Documentation of voltage drops - to reduce interference in escalators

  • Harmonic measurements according to the IEC 61000-4-7 standard - ideal for monitoring transformers and rectifiers

  • Easy installation of the power meter in railway substations, on control panels, on rectifiers and inverters

PQube3 - the power meter in decentralized energy generation

PQube3, second orientation

Smart grids for generating, storing and consuming electricity require monitoring with power analysers

  • Power meter for monitoring various systems in decentralized energy generation

  • Reliably monitor and control smart grids

  • E-mail notification in the event of malfunctions in decentralized energy producers

  • Optimise power grids thanks to detailed reports in daily, weekly and monthly trends

  • Solar Panel DC Input voltage and DC current can be measured simultaneously with inverter 3 Phase output using just one PQube3

PQube3 - the power meter for the Medical Sector

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Electronic devices in medicine are extremely sensitive and require highly reliable and stable power supplies

  • Remote monitoring of electronic devices in hospitals, clinics and health centres

  • Quickly recognise possible imminent faults

  • UPS output and standby emergency generator power supply

  • The power meter helps protect precision electronics and medical devices and monitors for harmonics generated by high energy X-Ray Machines

PQube3 - the power meter for communication technology & information technology

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Data centres must be continuously supplied with energy by UPS and emergency generator power supplies - power analysers detect faults at an early stage.

  • Raw mains, UPS output, UPS efficiency in data centres and other information technology facilities is monitored 24/7

  • Local colour screen gives immediate information regarding circuit status to on site personnel

  • Changes in load behaviour are instantly identified

  • The PQube3 has 2 direct environmental sensor inputs for in-cabinet and room temperature determinations, plus additional analog inputs for other sensors so that the HEAT produced in-situ can be monitored

PQube3 - the power meter for devices & machines

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Faults in the energy supply can destroy the electronics and must be detected early with power analysers.

  • Power meter for monitoring various electrical parameters

  • Quickly identify the causes of problems in the energy network

  • Prevent damage to device and machine electronics due to disruptions in the energy flow

  • Efficient maintenance of machines thanks to detailed reports from the meter - often obtained remotely from capital industrial devices installed in customer locations around the world

PQube3 - the power meter for the Service Sector

PQube3, second orientation

For on-site measurements, a compact measuring device for field use is required.

  • Mobile power meter for servicing and maintenance of electrical systems

  • Integrated reporting function for long-term data and events. Comparing week by week and month by month data, fault conditions can be predicted

  • Convenient customer service from a distance - monitoring from your own computer or smartphone

  • Cost savings thanks to reduced service visits on site

PQube3 - the power meter for industrial & production systems

PQube3, second orientation

In order to guarantee a smooth production process, a stable energy network is required. It is how Power Quality affects complicated Industrial processes that is of key concern

  • Monitoring of energy flow and various current values ​​in industrial and production systems according to SEMI F47

  • Power meter for recording 1-phase and 3-phase loads

  • Recording of environmental values such as temperature, humidity and air pressure

  • Optimizing energy management in production and industry

  • The PQube3e can monitor 4 separate 3 Phase feeds - all with just the one instrument.

PQube3 - the power meter in facility management

PQube3, second orientation

The use of a power meter helps optimize energy consumption.

  • Power meter for sub-metering energy usage.

  • Detailed information for optimizing the energy demand in any facility

  • Measuring and recording of mains voltage quality and harmonic content created by the changing load

  • ± 0.1% accuracy from 50Hz to 3000Hz

PQube3 - the power meter in the field of power distribution

PQube3, second orientation

The stability of distribution networks must be examined and maintained using power analysers.

  • Network analyser for investigating stability problems in distribution networks

  • Mast & wall mounting - with housing ideal for monitoring power distribution in harsh environmental conditions

  • Detecting cyber attacks on substations

  • Recording of performance parameters with 150kHz bandwidth

  • Environmental Information can be determined alongside Power Readings

Great products deserve great backup

We offer advice, hardware and software configuration, measurement data evaluation, training and post-sales support that is second to none.